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Michal Kozlowski

Hi! My name is Michał Kozłowski – founder of internetexperts.pl

From the beginning my career in 2008 I’ve been working for many companies and was involved in many projects – either those small, realized entirely by me, and bigger ones in which participated many people. During that time I’ve met many wonderful people, performing their tasks passionately with engagement, who are specialists in their fields. They are programmers, implementation specialists, administrators, testers, designers, photographers, search engine optimalization specialists and others professionals related to wide IT branch.

At the moment my company does not hire any employee and I, as a sole proprietor, work for a Belgian company that creates web services for their government and the king.

If you're looking for help to create your online service such as website, e-commerce, portal, blog or other internet tool, do not hesitate to write me, because I will definitely help you! Your order will be delivered by myself, unless my skills or time resources prove to be insufficient, then I am going to involve more people in your project.

We approach to each client and project individually. After conducting an interview about the subject matter and functionality of the site, we fix the price for the service. Proven methods of dealing with customers have made us successful in creating a group of satisfied people and companies using our services. Thanks to modern technologies widely available on the IT market we are able to meet the expectations of the most demanding customers.

Motto: simple = the best.

Strengths: PHP • Symfony • Drupal • Modern frontend techniques.